Tuesday, March 18

Spring Break, North Carolina

Hi y'all. We made it to North Carolina. Jamestown Settlement was very interesting, but someone ?!?! put old batteries in the camera, so we didn't have it when we needed it most. These pictures are from the Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills area, where we are staying. The top picture is a full-size, flyable replica of the plane Wilbur and Orville built. The marker on the top right shows the exact spot from which the plane took off. The third is a picture of the markers of the first three flights, as each one flew a bit longer (120, 150, and 175 feet, I think). Way down in the background of that picture is another marker that you can barely see in the picture. In the 4th flight of the day (Dec 17, 1903) Orville flew 852 feet, 59 seconds; unfortunately, he landed the plane upside down so they were done for the day. The other pictures are from the beach in front of our hotel...we were hoping for a little warmer weather, but as you can probably tell, we didn't get it. 48 degrees when we arrived, up to mid-50s today, and possibly up to 70 tomorrow, but after a short visit to the beach in the morning, we will be headed back home. More later...

Sunday, March 16

Spring Break in Maryland

Erik and Erin are on spring break, and we are travelling a bit in Virginia and North Carolina. These pictures are from Colonial Williamsburg. Tomorrow morning we will stop by Jamestown (401 years old!) on the way down to North Carolina, where we will be staying near Kitty Hawk. Erik and Erin are keeping journals, so I will try to publish them to the blog, spelling errors and all. Hope all are well, and more tomorrow...

Life's Little Mysteries

Hello Everyone! The picture above was Matthew's living quarters during his time at Stevens Pass. Beautiful country up there, right next to Lake Wenatchee, and some of the photos in the link below show a little Luge run he and his friends put together that runs from one of the adjacent houses down to the lake. Even with this incredible entertainment, for some reason, Matthew decided to trade that in for better living arrangements down around Malibu. He will be looking for work and hanging out with old friends down there, and who knows how long he'll be there. He wasn't sure about the Internet connection in the place where he would be staying, so he's somewhat out of touch right now, but will be back online soon, I'm sure. Here are more pictures from Steven's Pass Pictures
Anyway, everything else around here is going well, no big changes, no big news. Just sitting around waiting for Spring!