Sunday, July 20

Hey everyone...the little Marine has gone to Iraq, and will be gone for 7 months, hopefully...I will be sending address and email as soon as I get them, so you can all send notes and cards, or whatever...that would be so cool, and he would love that...and also, YES, I CAN SPELL!!! I know on my last blog, you probably all made a comment about spelling "certainly", but it was a typo, not a dork that can't spell!!! So there!!!
kegger spots??? i certinly never went to a kegger when i was a younger person!!! and I believe I have to take issue with the comment about me being drunk for every picture---those pictures came out pretty good!!!

Wednesday, July 16

And we send you glad tidings from algona....

Hello everyone! This is the weekend that you all have been waiting for! It's Algona Days 2008! We expect a HUGE crowd, but we will hold spots for all of you on the parade route. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the week that Cheryl and Mike were out here visiting. I may get more eventually, but Cheryl was our official photographer, and she was usually drunk. The pictures are from our trip down to the waterfront and checking out the old boat show. No shots of us on the old boats unfortunately.

Chris, you're looking good. Being married must agree with you, but calendar material? Probably not. One more thing that might interest you ex-Absarokians, here are some nice pics of Stillwater River as it starts off past Nye and meanders down past all our old kegger spots and eventually meets up with first the Rosebud River, and then eventually the Yellowstone River.
and here's a little map if you need to refresh your memory. I almost forgot how beautiful it is up there!

Thursday, July 10


...enough of J No's scantly clad friends...this guy needs to be put on a calendar as well.

Taken yesterday during a day-trip to Edinburgh.