Saturday, April 21

I thought this might be of some interest to some of you old-timers who actually went to school at Louisa Boren junior high. That would be Steve, Mike, and maybe Cheryl, not sure. This picture is from 1963. I never went to school there, but used to go down there and play basketball in their huge gym when I was a junior and senior in high school. This link will take you to more information about the school. Louisa Boren Junior High

Wednesday, April 11

Admiral Theater

Here are some pictures I found of the Admiral Theatre that I thought were interesting. I remember walking all the way up there in the mid-60's from our home on 21st (which MapQuest says is only 3.2 mile, but it seemed further) to watch movies like In Like Flint or a James Bond movie, and get a pack of Tropical Flavors Lifesavers. Very good stuff! I believe the old picture of the exterior is from when the theater first opened up in 1942. I have no idea when the Interior picture was taken. I keep meaning to get up there to watch a movie, but haven't yet. Waiting for the new James Bond movie, I guess.