Saturday, April 21

I thought this might be of some interest to some of you old-timers who actually went to school at Louisa Boren junior high. That would be Steve, Mike, and maybe Cheryl, not sure. This picture is from 1963. I never went to school there, but used to go down there and play basketball in their huge gym when I was a junior and senior in high school. This link will take you to more information about the school. Louisa Boren Junior High


  1. I didn't go there, so obviously, I am not an old-timer!!!

  2. I thought I went to F.B. Cooper until 6th grade, but I guess not. But I do remember that Bobcat!

  3. Not completely clear to me because the history is not complete, but the page for Cooper
    seems to say it was K-6.

    1. I think you're right Steve. I think Cooper ran through the 6th grade. We moved from West Seattle to Magnolia after my 4th grade year (summer of '68), and Cheryl's 6th grade year. Cheryl says she never went to Boren, so her 6th grade year must have been at Cooper.

  4. I should have started in 7th grade in 1964, i think the year after it opened. I went to cooper the end of my 6th grade.