Monday, December 8

Late Pictures

Okay, so I didn't quite post pictures on Thanksgiving...but it isn't Christmas yet, right?

The pictures on the left are from Thanksgiving on the Beach. The other two are from the postage stamp we call a backyard (good spot for beer and a BBQ though, with wild pigs making occasional appearances). I looked but there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A real disappointment, as I could make good use of that. A pot of gold will get you pretty near a tank of gas in Hawaii. And the picture of Erin is in the backyard again; that is some sort of mix between oranges and tangerines, and as of right now, they are mighty sour.

Wednesday, December 3

Happy Holidays!

Well, I haven't been on here in a bit, so I thought I'd wish everyone a happy holiday season and post some new pics of the kids. As you can see they're getting big. Probably due to the popcorn and cereal that Darrius told his pre-school class we had for dinner on Thanksgiving. If we eat that grand on a big holiday, imagine what we're having on normal days! Of course, those of us that know and love Darrius are not surprised he told his class this, as he is also the little twink that told his teachers I beat his sister. Jaylani is doing excellent in school (despite the frequent beatings she's apparently getting) and gets the equivalent of straight A's. (They don't get letter grades in 3rd grade.) Hopefully she'll keep loving school as much as she does, and some of it will rub off on her brother. Keep your fingers crossed! Anyway, hope you all have a great holiday season!

Thursday, November 27

Thnksgiving on the Beach

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have been busy for the last month+ just trying to get settled in. We lived in temporary housing, a townhouse, for one month, then moved into a bigger place that we are renting for a year, before probably buying a house out here. Our first two weeks in this house, we had no furniture...all that finally came two days ago, and the house is now chatotic. So far, we think Hawaii is a great visit...but think it unlikely we'd want to stay beyond the initial three years.

It seems very wierd to be celebrating Thanksgiving with temperatures near 80. Since we are just now unpacking, we are joining about 180 coworkers for a potluck Thanksgiving, on the beach?!?!? That may sound good, but again, it is a little surreal.

Since moving here, we've been using our webcam with Skype so that Erik and Erin can stay in touch with their best friends in Maryland, and it works great. I hope we can do that with any of you out there who are willing. Skype is free, and Skype to Skype calls are free, so we can have videoconferences for nothing. A pretty good deal.

Have to run, to get ready for my first Thanksgiving on the Boogie Board, so have a great day, and I'll try to post today's pictures when we get home.

Calendars for Troops

Alrighty all of you Jenksters! Tis the season to be jolly and we're shipping my calendars over seas to troops in Iraq in a care package for christmas! please please show your support and buy one from!! I also know that all of you have yet to purchase one for your personal collection! I could be famous one day! haha not really but still..Happy Turkey Day and hope to see all of you soon!
Janelley Poo

Sunday, November 9

eldora's visit

On October 25, Terry and Marsha Steele had a nice family get-together at their home in Edmonds. Here are some pictures of some of our cousins who were there.

Claudia and Eldora

Jeff Blaze

Joanne Beaurain

Julie Beaurain

Terry Steele
Rich Steele
Mary (Steele) Holcombe
Brad Steele
Erin Steele
David Woodrum

Andy Steele

And, of course, Cheryl

Wednesday, October 8

picture of mom...

Hi guys...I have to say, I don't think that's Mom, sitting with Grandpa...if I had to guess, I would have to say Eldora...For one thing, I don't see Mom out shooting birds with a shotgun!!! And for another, if I'm not mistaken, the family left South Dakota when Mom was about twelve...when they got to Seattle, Mom immediately, (or real close to their arrival) got tonsilitis or appendicitis, or something like that, and had to have something surgically removed...and Grandpa said it was cuz they moved to Seattle...this is a story I heard from Mom...I heard a few, not alot, but a few...anybody ever hear the story about how Mom and Uncle Leroy got caught smoking??? Anyway, if you go to Mom's section of pictures on the website, you will see the young pictures of her when she was on the farm, and then there's another, titled "Mom and a friend", and that's gotta be in Seattle...

Friday, October 3

Just a nice picture of Seattle

Just a nice picture of Seattle. As usual, if you click on the image you will get the big version.

Sunday, September 28

Janelle's Calendar

For anyone who may not have known, Janelle recently competed for the opportunity to appear in a Campus Girls calender to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and she won. If anyone is interested in this, you can learn more at We hope to circulate this link as much as possible to raise some money. Also, check out her video! Thanks.

Grandpa Green and Mom?

Hi Everybody, our cousin Julie sent me this picture that she thinks is Mom and Grandpa Green on the farm in South Dakota. It looks like Mom to me too, but I wanted to see what others thought about it. It's kind of hard to tell with this small image, but if you click on it you will get a 1000x629 pixel version and you will be able to check it out better. Can't tell for sure, but it looks like they were out bird hunting. If you replace Grandpa Green with a picture of a younger guy, you might think it was Bonnie and Clyde, just back from robbing a bank.

Thursday, September 25

Too Bad!

Sorry to hear about your change in plans. We were really looking forward to seeing all of you (especially Erik and Erin). Although I don't think I want to fly (too much of a hassle), you may get some other West Coast visitors sometime. We were just talking about that the other day, about how nice a trip to Hawaii would be. I'm assuming that you guys will be on the Big Island? You see how I have the local lingo down already? In place of an actual visit, here are some pictures of a recent trip down to the waterfront so that you'll remember what we all look like anyway. Good luck on your trip and with your new home.

Tuesday, September 23

Hawaii Move

I guess this will start sounding like a comedy of errors, but due to the inability to make anything close to a good connection out of Baltimore and then out of Seattle, and the requirement that we stick with Delta, we are going to have to go straight to Hawaii this time. I'm sorry about that, and can only hope that we get some visitors out there in the near future. Hopefully we can take advantage of free military flights to get back to Seattle soon.


Wednesday, September 3

What We Did Last Summer, and What We'll Do This Fall

Hello everyone,

We will be moving west, way west, in October. I can't say exactly what day it will be, because that depends on how soon we can get an appointment to pack and ship all our household goods. I requested an October 2 departure, because the school the kids will be attending in Hawaii starts its second quarter on October 13 (the school is year round, with breaks of a couple of weeks between each quarter), but that may be a little optimistic. If all goes well, we will have a firm departure date by sometime next week.

Once we have that, we will decide how we are getting there. We may 1) drive out to Seattle (government is shipping only one vehicle, we have to sell or ship the other ourselves...$2100 from here, half that from Seattle, 2) fly from here to Billings so that we can make a little Yellowstone trip, something that Jane really wants to do, and then fly from there to Seattle, or 3) if short of time, fly straight from here to Seattle for a couple of days before heading out to Hawaii.

Although October 2 may be a little bit too optimistic, I'm afraid we won't be delaying it enough to be there when Eldora visits. On the positive side, while Baltimore to Seattle is about the same as Honolulu to Seattle, from Hawaii we may be able to fly to McChord on military aircraft for nothing, compared to an arm and a leg on civilian aircraft from here.

Here are a few pictures of the kids over the summer...common theme, most everything involved water...

Cheers, and hope to see the NW Jenks's soon.

Sunday, July 20

Hey everyone...the little Marine has gone to Iraq, and will be gone for 7 months, hopefully...I will be sending address and email as soon as I get them, so you can all send notes and cards, or whatever...that would be so cool, and he would love that...and also, YES, I CAN SPELL!!! I know on my last blog, you probably all made a comment about spelling "certainly", but it was a typo, not a dork that can't spell!!! So there!!!
kegger spots??? i certinly never went to a kegger when i was a younger person!!! and I believe I have to take issue with the comment about me being drunk for every picture---those pictures came out pretty good!!!

Wednesday, July 16

And we send you glad tidings from algona....

Hello everyone! This is the weekend that you all have been waiting for! It's Algona Days 2008! We expect a HUGE crowd, but we will hold spots for all of you on the parade route. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the week that Cheryl and Mike were out here visiting. I may get more eventually, but Cheryl was our official photographer, and she was usually drunk. The pictures are from our trip down to the waterfront and checking out the old boat show. No shots of us on the old boats unfortunately.

Chris, you're looking good. Being married must agree with you, but calendar material? Probably not. One more thing that might interest you ex-Absarokians, here are some nice pics of Stillwater River as it starts off past Nye and meanders down past all our old kegger spots and eventually meets up with first the Rosebud River, and then eventually the Yellowstone River.
and here's a little map if you need to refresh your memory. I almost forgot how beautiful it is up there!

Thursday, July 10


...enough of J No's scantly clad friends...this guy needs to be put on a calendar as well.

Taken yesterday during a day-trip to Edinburgh.

Saturday, May 17

Finally joining all of you fellow jenksters!

This was on my 22nd birthday...

Ohhh little Lola!! and the other one is of my and my friend from work in vegas..the blonde..we dont know the other 2 girls..but used their friends for bottle service and a free place to stay the first night since we had no room! woops! i might need to get a new liver from that trip!
Well hello Jenks family!! Its been wayyyy too long since i've seen all of you, so ill put my little world into a fairytale nut shell! Once upon a time a little girl Janelle graduated from Auburn Riverside H.S. and went on to WSU. After far too many years binge drinking and avoiding class, She ventured home to work full time and take WSU classes online. Dying of boredom in Algona (no offense), she moved to Bellevue to work at a Restaurant called Joeys and started making lots and lots of money from married douche bags searching for their trophy wife. Janelle and her newly ex boyfriend bought a little puppy together named Lola and is the love of her life...ta daaaaa thats all! The End!
Oh! On June 11th, ill be going on my first modeling photo shoot for Campus Girls USA, which is a company that raises money for breast cancer thru professional swimsuit calendars. Ill be begging all of you to buy one for $15 soon!! Alrighty well love you all!!!

Tuesday, May 13

Living in California Now

Hi everybody,

It has been a while since I've written anything on here (mainly because I couldn't remember my login and password combo)!!!

Well, I packed up and left the snowy/rainy ski resort and headed to Southern California to relive my college days; it's rough getting this old!

I just moved into a tiny studio apartment in Hermosa Beach about 30 baby steps to the beach. I like to believe that I am making an investment into my future by spending so much on rent, thus forcing me to work 12 hours a day just to pay for the place. It makes sense in my head...

I will get some pictures up as soon as I take some, showing a little contrast between here and my place on the ski hill.

Uncle Steve, the pictures from the East Coast look pretty cool! I wish I could get out there sometime, not near enough zeros in my bank account to do that now.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I will be back on more often now that I know how to sign in!

Saturday, May 10

Summer in Seattle

Okay, everybody, been weeks since anyone blogged on here...k, here's the plan...or at least my plan...I am going to seattle June 14, coming home on 16th, (got a new job, hard to ask for time off on short notice) and mike will be there then, too...Steve, if you're going in July, let me know when, and maybe I can come out there for a quick weekend...unless of course, you'd like to come to which case, i will be here. Talk to you all later...

Sunday, April 13

Gratuitous Washington DC pictures

Here are a few pictures from your capital city from two separate trips. One was on the opening day of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, and the other for no special reason that found us in the front of The House of George...Erik's future home. The picture of a building across a pond is the Jefferson Memorial.

Saturday, April 12

Chris, that pepto pink was really lovely...and can you believe when I was a kid, I had that color in my bedroom!!! EEWWW!!! Cool pictures! I love castle pictures...and hey, while I'm here, is anyone planning on being in Seattle this summer? And if so, when? Could Ya let me know, Please!!!

Wednesday, April 9


My dad just commented (my past castle post) on painting walls, and after reading it, I realized that most of you don't know I just bought a home. I therefore decided I would post some pics of my past DIY mishaps and current projects.

After moving in (last month), the first thing we wanted to do is paint the boring white walls a color that would match our wonderful red IKEA sofa.

Past DIY mishap:

Despite watching at least a million DIY home shows before buying our house, we decided not to paint the walls a neutral color...we went with pink:

(that's me flashing the west coast sign)

We then decided that pepto-bismol walls were a bit too eccentric, and went with a more neutral duck egg:

The next DIY project is the second bedroom. So far I've taken the carpet out, and put some insulation on the floorboards. Now all I need to do is figure out how to put these laminate floors in!

Dad...Jerry...any advice??? They're the non-glue type (click on). Do I need an electric saw (e.g., jig saw or miter), or will a hand saw do the trick?