Wednesday, July 22

Lunch with Dad, Nancy, and Austin

While Cheryl was here for Jerry's 50th birthday, we met Dad, Nancy, and Austin for lunch at a nice fish and chips place down at Seacrest Marina on the Duwamish Head, which is down near Alki Beach. You can see on the map I've included where it is in relationship to Alki Point. This is a nice little place away from the hustle and bustle of Alki Beach where you can fish off the dock and there is also a little commuter ferry that goes back and forth between the Marina and downtown Seattle. This place is also very popular with scuba divers.

Sunday, July 19

Chery and Jay's trip to Cooper

When Cheryl was here for Jerry's birthday we took a quick trip to Cooper Elementary while waiting for Dad and Nancy. I didn't put any information about the individual pictures because anyone who went there knows what they are, and people who didn't go there just don't care, I'm pretty sure. I went to school at Cooper for 4 1/2 years during the heyday of the 60s. That's easily the most time I ever spent at one school. All the interior pictures are from the first floor.

Tuesday, July 7

Tyson's Familly Pictures

FINALLY! Here are the pictures that everyone has been clamoring for months for. I've gotten somewhere between zero and 5000 requests for me to post these pictures showing Tyson and his family. Tyson and Lola gave birth to little LT (stands for Lola and Tyson) on Halloween night 2008. For anyone who doesn't know, Janelle got both Lola and Tyson from different ex-boyfriends, and now LT makes for a complete family.
Lil' LT

Lola and LT
Janelle holding Tyson, LT, & Lola

Mexico 2009

Our family blog hadn't gotten any new content for a while, so I thought I would finally get some of the pictures I have laying around on my computer uploaded to the blog. These pictures are from Jerry in Cathy's most recent trip to Mexico with Pat Brady and his girlfriend, Roxy, and our neighbors, Skip andPeggy. For some reason most of these pictures are showing them with drinks in their hands, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Click on this link to see more pictures of their Mexico trip.