Thursday, December 20

Airheadedness Cont'd

Ok...since the issue of my airheadedness was brought up along with the comment about Jaylani getting into her early 20's and still having a bucket on her head, I thought I'd share this picture of Rebecca in her early 20's with a bucket on her head. This poses a whole new question. Do my kids really get airheadedness just from me, or was this something passed along from higher sources, such as the Jenks bloodline via their grandmother? Since Rebecca is not a blonde, we have to assume she gets it from somewhere. :)

Monday, December 17

Erik warms up for the next time he sees Chris

Source of future trauma?

Here is a brand new picture of Erik, less than an hour old (if you happen to be reading this as I am typing)...I'm assuming all parents dress their kids up to look like candy canes, and this isn't a picture that cause "issues" in the future.

Saturday, December 15

Well, speaking of photos that might be slightly embarrassing...I thought I'd share a couple photos with the family and pose this question. Why is it that other kids are building compost bins and mine are sitting with buckets on their heads or getting stuck in the bottom of a stroller? Is it because I'm blonde?? Is it possible to pass a slight amount of airheadedness to your children? Hahaha.

I will get some pictures soon, I don't have internet in my sub-standard living conditions at Stevens Pass (more specifically Lake Wenatchee) so I haven't had the opportunity to upload any of the goods. The last couple of days we got about 8 inches of new snow down where I'm at so maybe I will create a to-scale Jenks family snowman nativity scene and snap off some pictures. And I must thank my dear Aunt Cheryl for the goodies, I had one of the chocolate puff things last night and it cured my sweet tooth right away. Until then, my address is P.O. Box 100 Skykomish, WA 98288-0100 if anyone wants to send a working hot water heater or a satellite for an internet and cable connection.

Thursday, December 13

A picture from this summer at Cheryl's

Hi everyone-I've been hoping to get some new pics from Matthew and Janelle in their new living places (Bellevue and Stevens Pass) but nothing yet, so I will just occasionally add some other pictures that I've just been too lazy so far to get on the family web site. Here is one from this summer when Dad and Nancy made it back to Cheryl's Place in Idaho. The people are back row, left to right, Rebecca, Hannah and John holding their twins, Paige and Payton, Jaylani and her mom, Andi, and brother Darrius, with Nancy and Dad in the front row. Steve as far as you wondering about archiving items, I know that it is set right now to archive things after 30 days. I haven't been able to find out exactly how much space you are allowed in one blog, but no big deal, I'm sure we'll find out one day. I was just reading yesterday about how you can buy extra space real cheaply for the various Google programs, and I'll think about that if we ever have a problem. Great pictures that you posted by the way. We should all have more around Christmas time, I guess, and maybe some embarrassing shots from New Year's Eve. Happy Holidays everyone. Here is a link to a Seattle Times article that some of you other old-timers might appreciate, especially the YouTube videos.