Thursday, February 28

Great Job!

Hi everyone - Been a while since I posted a message, so I thought I should post something. In my defense, I'm kind of old so not much new and exciting happens for me. I did find a long-lost Bruce Springsteen CD the other day. That was a pretty big day! Great video of the budding musicians! That's the kind of stuff I love to see on this blog. And happy belated birthday to Erin. I knew it was your birthday and I had it marked on my calendar, but sometimes my calendar and I lose touch with each other.

I thought I would share this picture I found that shows how much the Seattle skyline has changed since we were young'uns. I always tell people that I remember well when the Smith Tower was the tallest building in Seattle, and newcomers find it's hard to believe. Of course I know that this might open me up to some of Chris's old-timer jokes, but that's all right. You can click on the picture to get a larger version.Here is a brief Seattle PI article about the best places to view Seattle from, in case anyone is ever in the area. I have been up in both the Columbia Center and Smith Tower. The Columbia Center offers a much better view of course, but the Smith Tower is pretty cool because they have kept inside looking much like it probably did back in the 1930s

I also have another link to share for Janelle. She is trying to get selected to be in a calendar and win a free trip. This link is not R-rated or anything, of course, but probably not for young kids either. Vote early and vote often! She is in the bottom row.

Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day Serenade

Here is a little music to soothe your souls on Valentine's Day...big day for Erin, it is her birthday and Valentine's Day!