Sunday, December 6

New Old Picture

I got a whole bunch of old pictures from our cousin Julie and I'm going to try and put up on the blog any interesting ones that I find. This first one is pretty basic. Mom and her sisters and Leroy in South Dakota. Not sure about the date but I would guess around 1946-47 by looking at Mom and also by knowing that they moved out here in 1947. It's pretty obvious which ones are Mom and Leroy. Cheryl's best guess are in order, starting on the left, our Aunts Caroline, Gail, Eldora, and Lee.

Wednesday, July 22

Lunch with Dad, Nancy, and Austin

While Cheryl was here for Jerry's 50th birthday, we met Dad, Nancy, and Austin for lunch at a nice fish and chips place down at Seacrest Marina on the Duwamish Head, which is down near Alki Beach. You can see on the map I've included where it is in relationship to Alki Point. This is a nice little place away from the hustle and bustle of Alki Beach where you can fish off the dock and there is also a little commuter ferry that goes back and forth between the Marina and downtown Seattle. This place is also very popular with scuba divers.

Sunday, July 19

Chery and Jay's trip to Cooper

When Cheryl was here for Jerry's birthday we took a quick trip to Cooper Elementary while waiting for Dad and Nancy. I didn't put any information about the individual pictures because anyone who went there knows what they are, and people who didn't go there just don't care, I'm pretty sure. I went to school at Cooper for 4 1/2 years during the heyday of the 60s. That's easily the most time I ever spent at one school. All the interior pictures are from the first floor.

Tuesday, July 7

Tyson's Familly Pictures

FINALLY! Here are the pictures that everyone has been clamoring for months for. I've gotten somewhere between zero and 5000 requests for me to post these pictures showing Tyson and his family. Tyson and Lola gave birth to little LT (stands for Lola and Tyson) on Halloween night 2008. For anyone who doesn't know, Janelle got both Lola and Tyson from different ex-boyfriends, and now LT makes for a complete family.
Lil' LT

Lola and LT
Janelle holding Tyson, LT, & Lola

Mexico 2009

Our family blog hadn't gotten any new content for a while, so I thought I would finally get some of the pictures I have laying around on my computer uploaded to the blog. These pictures are from Jerry in Cathy's most recent trip to Mexico with Pat Brady and his girlfriend, Roxy, and our neighbors, Skip andPeggy. For some reason most of these pictures are showing them with drinks in their hands, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Click on this link to see more pictures of their Mexico trip.

Tuesday, April 21

Jerry's 30th Year Class Reunion

Hello everyone - well, Cheryl, since we talk at least two or three times a week, you know what I've been up to. Nothing! A family reunion sounds like a great idea, but as you know it never seems to work out for everyone's schedule. Mike makes just one trip out here every year, first of July, and Steve is limited by his schedule, but I'm always here. Just waiting around for the really nice weather to get here so we can start doing the fun Seattle stuff again. I hope to have pictures soon of Jerry and Cathy's trip to Mexico with our neighbors and Pat Brady and his girlfriend, but in the meantime I thought I would add this link to pictures from Jerry's 30th year class reunion. I hope everyone is doing well and I am looking forward to seeing anyone who does make it out here this summer. By the way Mike (if you are reading this) thanks for finally responding to my invite to facebook. We'll see you this summer.
Hey everyone...what's going on??? Where is everyone??? Anybody have any interesting summer plans? Anyone going to Seattle? Anyone want to come to North Idaho, and camp for a night or two? Just let me would be fun...there is river floating, food and drink all day long, (No, I don't know why we all eat constantly when we're up the river, but we do!!!) hiking, fishing if you are so inclined, bike trails...and some very pretty country side... Maybe I should plan a family reunion up there...for probably next year...see how many people we could get there...if anyone might be interested in that, just let me know...anyway, we need to get some summer plans posted on here...need to be posting more...let all your wonderful relatives know how things are going...let's see some pictures, etc!!! Talk to you all later.

Sunday, March 8

Hawaii 2009

Jerry and Cathy brought home a lot of great pictures from their trip to Hawaii, and instead of cluttering up the family blog with a whole bunch of pictures, I put them all on this page on our Family Photo Album. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26


We really enjoyed having Jerry and Cathy over here, and wish they could have stayed longer. Erik and Erin were especially sorry to see them leave. I'd explain the unfamiliar faces in the picture, but perhaps you've heard the old saying: "What happens on vacation, stays on vacation." And this picture is so well-posed, even our drinks are symmetrical! Anymore, more to follow, if I can just find the time...

Sunday, February 1

Hi All, Thought it was time to post some new pictures...I actually had a specific order I wanted them to be in, but obviously I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do that!!! I tried to make everything nice and balanced and all of that, but just couldn't do sloppy as it looks, here is.

John and Hanna

Daddy's lil girl