Sunday, July 19

Chery and Jay's trip to Cooper

When Cheryl was here for Jerry's birthday we took a quick trip to Cooper Elementary while waiting for Dad and Nancy. I didn't put any information about the individual pictures because anyone who went there knows what they are, and people who didn't go there just don't care, I'm pretty sure. I went to school at Cooper for 4 1/2 years during the heyday of the 60s. That's easily the most time I ever spent at one school. All the interior pictures are from the first floor.


  1. I do not check this blog enough! Need to get into the habit. These Cooper pictures are great. I thought the school was closed down last time I saw it. On the 5th picture from the top, I remember the earthquake damage to the walls to the left of the picture (but out of the picture). We were walking to school when the earthquake struck. And the overpass...I was Captain of the school crossing guards until I got fired, along with one of the lieutenants, for walking on the outside of the railing...

    1. That's hysterical!!! Jaylani got an award for crossing guard, and I was just telling her that story last week!!! And I remember you boys saying there was an earthquake on the way to school, but I didn't feel it...and when we got to school, there seemed to be alot of excitement!!!