Saturday, June 26

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy birthday to our brother Steve! We invite everyone to tip one back today in honor of him. Click on the picture above to see more pictures of Steve when he had a few less birthdays under his belt.

Tuesday, June 22

Happy Birthday Jerry!

It was just a short 51 years ago that Jerry first made his appearance. Click on the image to see more pictures.
Matthew has added a new dog, Guus, to the family to go along with Tyson, Lola, and LT. I'm sure she will fit right in.

Wednesday, June 9

Matthew and Jerry at the Seahawks Game

This picture is Matthew and Jerry at Qwest Field on September 13, 2009 when we went down with our friend Chuck to see the Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams in the first game of the year, 28-0. It was a beautiful day for drinking! Click on the picture to see more pictures from that game and also a very cold weather game on December 6, when the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers, 20-17. I was way too smart to go to that game! Matthew and Jerry have season tickets for this year's season, so there will be more pictures to follow in the months to come. Go Seahawks!

Monday, June 7

Having Lunch at the Sky Café at the Space Needle

Looking forward to a great summer in Seattle. It's almost here! Here are a few pictures from some of the times we were out and about last summer. Click on the picture or this link to see more pictures.

Sunday, June 6

Jerry and Cathy in Mexico

I've been slacking off on getting some new pictures on to the blog so this week I will be getting new pictures up, hopefully all week. Here are some pictures from Jerry and Cathy's trip this year to Mexico. you can click here or on the picture to go to some more pictures from Mexico.