Thursday, November 27

Thnksgiving on the Beach

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have been busy for the last month+ just trying to get settled in. We lived in temporary housing, a townhouse, for one month, then moved into a bigger place that we are renting for a year, before probably buying a house out here. Our first two weeks in this house, we had no furniture...all that finally came two days ago, and the house is now chatotic. So far, we think Hawaii is a great visit...but think it unlikely we'd want to stay beyond the initial three years.

It seems very wierd to be celebrating Thanksgiving with temperatures near 80. Since we are just now unpacking, we are joining about 180 coworkers for a potluck Thanksgiving, on the beach?!?!? That may sound good, but again, it is a little surreal.

Since moving here, we've been using our webcam with Skype so that Erik and Erin can stay in touch with their best friends in Maryland, and it works great. I hope we can do that with any of you out there who are willing. Skype is free, and Skype to Skype calls are free, so we can have videoconferences for nothing. A pretty good deal.

Have to run, to get ready for my first Thanksgiving on the Boogie Board, so have a great day, and I'll try to post today's pictures when we get home.

Calendars for Troops

Alrighty all of you Jenksters! Tis the season to be jolly and we're shipping my calendars over seas to troops in Iraq in a care package for christmas! please please show your support and buy one from!! I also know that all of you have yet to purchase one for your personal collection! I could be famous one day! haha not really but still..Happy Turkey Day and hope to see all of you soon!
Janelley Poo

Sunday, November 9

eldora's visit

On October 25, Terry and Marsha Steele had a nice family get-together at their home in Edmonds. Here are some pictures of some of our cousins who were there.

Claudia and Eldora

Jeff Blaze

Joanne Beaurain

Julie Beaurain

Terry Steele
Rich Steele
Mary (Steele) Holcombe
Brad Steele
Erin Steele
David Woodrum

Andy Steele

And, of course, Cheryl