Thursday, January 31


Predicting the future in a very Nostradamical fashion(can I say that?), my wedding will be filled with dancing dwarfs (no, not my wife's family) and Swedish supermodels as bridesmaids... or are they additional brides??? Either way, it's going to ROCK guest's tuxes and gowns off; a little like our birthday bash at the local pub this year, but much classier. That's the thing about us Jenks folk, we consistently bring class, sophistication, and a dollop of delight to any occasion.

And Christopher Joseph, I've been checking my mail up here on a daily basis and must have somehow missed my plane ticket to England. I'm sure you can print another one and send it my way again, it was probably misplaced by one of several buffoons I work beside prior to my reception. I checked just now and it seems the $1162 minimum price during summer months is a little out of my price range, being that I will soon be defaulting on my school loans at this peasants wage.

And, once he begins adding to the news updates, I want to say that I'm happy for Nick on spawning another member within the Jenks Military Corps! We need all the bodies we can get. Janelle and I have successfully laid siege to Algona and much of Pacific over the past few years, and recently make significant progress on the Supermall and adjacent businesses.

Man I am bored at work, can't you tell?

Wednesday, January 30

My 7th Grandchild

Not a real good picture, but this is Sydney Olivia Stinson...

born Jan 29, 2008, in the evening, 6#, 2 oz, 18.5" long...

Her parents are Nick and Kelcie...I haven't gotten to hold the lil bundle of joy, cuz Mother Nature has other thoughts...Sydney was born in Newport, WA which in good weather, is only an hour away, but in the latest weather, it would take forever!!! Nick is still in San Diego, trying to figure out if he can come home or not, and apparently, just giggling like a girl!!! I spose that's something he will have to know how to do later in life!!!

Sunday, January 27

To 'my golden calf'

Yes, young Matthew, I have nothing to offer in defense. Those white gloves are very Thriller-esque. What can I say? You've got me. However, if your future wedding with that snow beaver behind your lodge is anything like your father's wedding...
Hey Christopher, did you take off one glove and sing "Thriller" at the wedding? Those white gloves are quite masculine. Just joshin' ya. By the way, I'm still waiting for you to come use some of my infinite ride for $10 coupons, closer to 5 pounds in your strange currency. You may want to leave your wife at home, I don't think she could resist the wealth of "swoleness" I was blessed with and overall charm.

And to my dear Auntie Cheryl, I have taken some pictures up here to post, it's just tough to do so up here using computers that aren't mine.

Saturday, January 12

Pre-cool Days

More Pictures of Steve and his family Great pictures, guys! And congratulations to Chris and Jin! (Hope I have that name right, I can never remember if it is Chris or Kris). Steve, I don't know what all we can do with this blog as far as file size and such, so I would encourage you and everyone else to try anything and everything that you can think of just to test the system out. You're not going to hurt anything. The picture above is a great picture from Lincoln's cabin back when Chris wasn't so cool and debonair looking, and his main concerns were his coloring books and keeping an eye out for any surprise attacks from Dennis.

Friday, January 11

Another Wedding Picture

Here's another one. We have a bunch of pictures that Jane's brother-in-law took, as well as a couple of videos. Since the videos are mega-MB, I don't think I can post them. I might try later, so don't get mad, Jay!

Sunday, January 6

Wedding Story 1

So 381 people showed up...and yes, those are white gloves I'm wearing. They were forced on me at the very last minute by the venue staff. Believe me, it could have been much worse. That's my black suit. The venue wanted me to wear their tux which consisted of a white vest and strange white tie with an ugly fake diamond. And, of course, my massive lats wouldn't allow any room for mobility so I would have been standing like a statue. Good times though...