Saturday, May 17

Finally joining all of you fellow jenksters!

This was on my 22nd birthday...

Ohhh little Lola!! and the other one is of my and my friend from work in vegas..the blonde..we dont know the other 2 girls..but used their friends for bottle service and a free place to stay the first night since we had no room! woops! i might need to get a new liver from that trip!
Well hello Jenks family!! Its been wayyyy too long since i've seen all of you, so ill put my little world into a fairytale nut shell! Once upon a time a little girl Janelle graduated from Auburn Riverside H.S. and went on to WSU. After far too many years binge drinking and avoiding class, She ventured home to work full time and take WSU classes online. Dying of boredom in Algona (no offense), she moved to Bellevue to work at a Restaurant called Joeys and started making lots and lots of money from married douche bags searching for their trophy wife. Janelle and her newly ex boyfriend bought a little puppy together named Lola and is the love of her life...ta daaaaa thats all! The End!
Oh! On June 11th, ill be going on my first modeling photo shoot for Campus Girls USA, which is a company that raises money for breast cancer thru professional swimsuit calendars. Ill be begging all of you to buy one for $15 soon!! Alrighty well love you all!!!

Tuesday, May 13

Living in California Now

Hi everybody,

It has been a while since I've written anything on here (mainly because I couldn't remember my login and password combo)!!!

Well, I packed up and left the snowy/rainy ski resort and headed to Southern California to relive my college days; it's rough getting this old!

I just moved into a tiny studio apartment in Hermosa Beach about 30 baby steps to the beach. I like to believe that I am making an investment into my future by spending so much on rent, thus forcing me to work 12 hours a day just to pay for the place. It makes sense in my head...

I will get some pictures up as soon as I take some, showing a little contrast between here and my place on the ski hill.

Uncle Steve, the pictures from the East Coast look pretty cool! I wish I could get out there sometime, not near enough zeros in my bank account to do that now.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I will be back on more often now that I know how to sign in!

Saturday, May 10

Summer in Seattle

Okay, everybody, been weeks since anyone blogged on here...k, here's the plan...or at least my plan...I am going to seattle June 14, coming home on 16th, (got a new job, hard to ask for time off on short notice) and mike will be there then, too...Steve, if you're going in July, let me know when, and maybe I can come out there for a quick weekend...unless of course, you'd like to come to which case, i will be here. Talk to you all later...